Wie Overleeft De Grutto was an absurd and melancholic performance about extinction. Darwin as well as a panda, a godwit, a biologist and an old childless singer meet in the dunes of Schoorl and Terschelling. Who will become extinct first?




I made colourfull costumes as the dunes itself already where an overwhelming stage. The “choir” I coloured pastel pink so standing still they kind of disappeared in the immense sand hills.




A performance by: Aly Bruinsma, Douwe Dijkstra, Karel Hermans, Aukje Schaafsma, Eelco Venema, Silvia Andringa, Bruno Doedens, Ira Judkovskaja, Karlijn Kistemaker and Elze van den Akker.



photos: Moon Saris