De Joodse Bruiloft/ De Jonge Republiek 

Sand-drawing & costume design


De Joodse Bruiloft is based on the biography of a young jewish couplet that fled the war over the piryneen, via Jamacia, back to london to fight in resistance. Their children had never known about this incridible story up until the moment both parents had died.


The story is told by the author of the book, a dancer, a singer, an actor and me. I made live sanddrawings as stage design and designed the costumes.


The performance was side specific and took place in 2020/ 2021 in the jewish area in the city of Leeuwarden where the couple got married in 1939.


Directed by Silvia Andringa.


Performed by Auke Zeldenrust, Rabbi Jallo 2020/ Christian Cadenbach 2021, Lucette van den Berg, Rosanna ter Steege, Elze van den Akker


photos: Udo Thijssen 2020/ Lucas Kemper 2021