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november 2-2020

Day of the dead colouring page
November 2 is the day of the dead. Since most of us are in (partial) lockdown and boredom is close I thought you might want to download this colouring page to honour the dead the way you like it.

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november 9-2020

Flowers pattern coloring page
Here you go. A coloring page with many details. Make yourself a good cup of tea, put on the music you love, tell your spouse and children to go enjoy themselves so you can spend some hours of coloring and relaxing.

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november 16-2020

Have a Party with your bear colouring page.
This weeks colouring page is about a bear and a party. Super nice to colour with your whole family.


have a party with your bear colourpage.j
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november 23-2020

wrapping paper abstract pattern
We are heading towards Christmas and Sinterklaas so the next couple of weeks I will give you some colouringpages that you can also use as wrapping paper. use the original for smaller gifts or go to your local copyshop and let them enlarge it.
This weeks colouring page is super abstract and detailed. Made for those who like 5000 piece puzzles.
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november 30-2020

wrapping paper robots
This weeks colouring page is wrapping paper with robots. Give your present that extra touch by wrapping it in your own custom made wrapping paper. You can use the original or copy and/or enlarge it in your local copyshop.

robots coloring page kleurplaat.jpg
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december 7 -2020

Christmas decoration
How about making your own Christmas decoration this year?
I made you some ornaments to cut out and hang in a tree seperatly or to make one happy garland from the whole bunch.
Download, print, colour, cut out and stick on some heavy paper like packaging cardboard..
christmas decoration coloring page Elze
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december 14-2020

Underwater colouring page
Eventhough everything and everybody seems to be in a Christmas mood at the moment I know it is not true.
For all you people who do not care for Christmas I made an underwater colouring page. Which does not mean the Christmas kind of people cannot download it. Ofcourse you can.
kleurplaat onder water.jpg
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