Make someone happy.


€1,50 per card

 Cyanotype art

Printed in limited editions.


From €24,-



Original Artworks

From discarded plastic Bags.


From €69,-


Original Illustrations

Mixed media



From €100,-


Pocket Mirror

 An original souvenir




To cheer up your daily life




buttons from discarded bottlecaps.


€9,50 per set



Mijn vader schreef een boek. Over opgroeien op 'plat' land in de eerste jaren na de tweede wereld oorlog. Met zandteken-illustraties van mijn hand.       €18,00

this weeks free colouring page:

Underwater colouring page
Eventhough everything and everybody seems to be in a Christmas mood at the moment I know it is not true.
For all you people who do not care for Christmas I made an underwater colouring page. Which does not mean the Christmas kind of people cannot download it. Ofcourse you can.
kleurplaat onder water.jpg
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