My name is Elze van den Akker and I am object theatre-maker, scenographer and visual artist. I studied Objecttheater at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam and graduated in 1995. I worked ever since with national and international theatre groups such as Groupe Zur, Das Letzte Kleinod, Christina de Châtel, Feike Boschma, Dogtroep, Tryater and De Jonge Republiek.




My specialities are visual- as well as Side Specific theatre. I design and make puppets, objects, costumes as well as environments. My designs start from the emotional value of the character or story of the play. I then decides which materials and colours are needed. My work can be described as inventive, innovative and playful.




Besides working as scenographer I make artworks and do art-projects. I like to use uncommon materials such as discarded plastic bags and combine them with textile, cyanotype prints or acrilic paints. My visual artwork can be discripted as theatrical. I like to tell a story with just one image.


It might not be a surprise my theatre-work is a big inspiration for my art-work and vice versa. As soon as I discover something new working on one project I try to figure out how it could work in another situation.